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Welcome to the Jackson Township Community Development Corporation: 

Jackson Township is located in Butler County, in western Pennsylvania. This website was created by Jackson Township Community Development Corporation as an online resource for information about living, working and playing in Jackson Township.

CDC Board of Directors; Allan Osterwise President, Mark Trauman Treasurer, Marianne Hall Secretary, Curtis Graf

Vision: Our vision is to facilitate “prosperous economic growth with excellent quality of life”.  Jackson CDC is focused on positively impacting residential, commercial, recreational and cultural development.


Goal: The goal of the JTCDC is to be a well-funded and well-connected catalyst for “intelligent development” in our township. We will serve as a coordinator for environmentally well-balanced Jackson Township development. JTCDC projects will protect ecological stability, increase property values, promote employment and enhance living and recreational conditions for our residents.

CDC Projects:

Adopt-a-road: The Jackson Twp. CDC is sponsoring a new program that will provide funding to support roadside litter cleanup. We will be working with the township and community families and organizations to improve the roadside environment on township roads. If you are interested in sponsoring a road in your neighborhood, or another public area, please contact us with the form below.

Gristmill water project: The CDC is in the process of working with certain citizens of the township who are interested in public water for their homes. We are acting as facilitators to bring several different entities together to supply clean, reliable public water to their properties. Reliable supply of water will provide better fire protection, increased property values, and assure clean, reliable drinking water through all seasons of the year.

If you or your neighbors are interested in a better water supply, click here. Other projects may be scheduled in the future.

Jackson Township Master Plan: Many years have gone by since ordinances were put in place to guide the growth of the township. Since then, the township has experienced a surge in growth by residential developers, business owners, and business developers.

The CDC is working with the township to attract interested parties to lend their voice to the development of a new master plan for the township in 2015. It is the perfect time to lend your voice to the challenge to make Jackson a more desirable place to live.  

Be  a CDC Volunteer : Be part of the process and stay informed 

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Township History: Jackson Township History

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